Apple’s Cash Reserve worth 2/3rd of India’s Forex Reserve

Wednesday 3rd of May 2017

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May 3, 2017

Apple has reported over $256 billion in cash and marketable securities. In the previous year, Apple's earnings report for any January-March quarter was $233 billion.

In line with the rating agencies, the amount of money reserve possessed by the firm is than�Google,�Microsoft�and�Amazon's total cash. Matched against Apple's $256 billion, Microsoft has $126 billion, Alphabet has $92 billion, Amazon has $22 billion and Facebook's quarter one earnings stood at $29.45 billion.

The reported cash reserve is than that of the great companies on the planet like Verizon, Oracle, Walmart, and Visa among others.

Interestingly, Apple's cash reserve is 70% more than that of India's foreign exchange reserve. As on April 28, India's Foreign Exchange Reserves matches $371.13 billion. In addition, according to Wall Street Journal, Apple has more cash as opposed to foreign reserves in the United Kingdom and Canada combined.

However, Apple has reported a huge debt of $88 billion. Experts predict that Apple might spend the amount of money to find entities like Tesla Motors, or Netflix or Walt Disney, so to other activities like repaying its debts, more R&D, advertising, constructing a plant inside US, play competitively with Amazon and Microsoft in cloud computing among others.

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