China to Launch its Own Encyclopaedia as a Rival to Wikipedia

Wednesday 3rd of May 2017

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May 3, 2017

China gives launch unique online encyclopaedia next season rivalling Wikipedia and Britain's Encyclopaedia Britannica. The primary objective of your project should be to guide public thought. China fears that it is citizens who use Wikipedia are now being corrupted by foreign influences.�The project will probably be executed beneath the guidance within the state-owned China Publishing Group. The project will be developed to the extent so it serves as a symbol of �China's cultural and technological development and promotes its soft power and international influence.


Unlike the Chinese version of Wikipedia, Baidu Baike which have been compiled by volunteers, the newest project will rope in the golf pros for content creation. For the compilation within the project, nearly 20,000 scholars and academics have been completely tasked to produce beyond 300,000 entries before its 2018 launch. The revolutionary project depends using a previously printed version published in 1993. Your second edition was launched in 2009. The revolutionary project will be released online before publishing the printed version.


China has it is estimated that 700 million internet users. According into a study conducted in 2015 by US think tank Freedom House, China had essentially the most restrictive online use policies among 65 nations it studied. It ranks below Iran and Syria. China operates on the all various varieties of web censorship called as The Great Firewall to shield its national security. Chinese residents cannot operate Facebook and Twitter. Much better above restrictions, with effect from June 1, Chinese Internet users will be required to provide their original names when accessing online news sources.

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