Cuba and Morocco re-establish diplomatic ties after 37 years

Saturday 22nd of April 2017

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April 22, 2017

Guided through mutual will to set friendly relations, Cuba and Morocco has signed a partnership to re-establish diplomatic ties following a time of 37 years. Both the governments have endorsed forge political, economic and cultural cooperation. The agreement to this very effect was signed in the headquarters of one's Permanent Mission of Cuba in to the United Nations.

King Mohamed VI of Morocco has ordered the opening on the Moroccan embassy in Havana. Cuba is mostly of the Latin American countries when Morocco lacks any representation. It really is expected the relations between the countries will be restored following the exchange of ambassadors.

After Cuba's diplomatic reestablishment with Morocco, Israel, South Korea and Somalia remain truly the only countries which do not have any ties with Cuba.

Current debts re-establish diplomatic ties has been given little while after King Mohammed's private trip to Cuba. The visit of King Mohammed VI is the very first available by just a Moroccan king to Cuba.


Morocco severed its ties with Cuba in 1980 after Fidel Castro officially recognised Western Sahara because independent Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). Morocco claims the territory becasue it is own.

The Cuba and Morocco relationship suffered several strains since 1960s as a result of Cuba's decision to affiliate with Algeria within Morocco-Algerian military conflict of 1963 known as the Sand War. In 1970s, Cuba again decided to affiliate with Algeria in its support in the independence of one's Western Sahara from Morocco.

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