Cubbon Park, Lalbagh to take up leaf composting to clear dry leaves

Saturday 22nd of April 2017

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To eliminate the problem winning rid off fallen leaves, the Horticulture Department in Bengaluru provides eight leaf composting machines in Cubbon Park.

Another park, Lalbagh is likewise preparing to compost leaf waste, as it is often very hard to pay off dry leaves spread across over 200-300 acres of area.

Key Highlights

• The leaf composting machines promise quality compost within just four months.

• The conventional methods undertaken by the park authorities up to now took some form of and half years to accomplish identical job.

• The Horticulture Department has installed eight leaf composters throughout Cubbon Park and Lalbagh, each which includes a capacity of 2,000 litres.

• To get started, the department would workout on smaller leaf composters, which would be able to presently clear only 5 % in the leaf waste.

• The larger the better composters would be able to enjoy almost 80% in the park's total leaf litter.

Speaking on the increase, Joint Director of Horticulture Dr Jagadeesh stated the fact that the department made a decision to try the method along the suggestion in the solid waste management expert Ramakanth. He further stated that if it reallyworks they'll likely might possibly be opting for bigger composting pits.

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Other Details

• The latest size of a single pit would involve 5x5 feet in diameter and height.

• The pit would be able to store around 2000 kg of leaves made possible by two tractors.

• Elements like neem cake powder, coco peat, a micro-organism solution and water would be employed to decompose the leaves.

• Within 4 months, around 300 kg of manure is supposed to prepare yourself for use.

The move was essential, as both Cubbon and Lalbagh produce several tonnes of dry leaves, which are not only found challenging be cleaned as well as pose risking potential catching fire.

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Who: Two parks in Bengaluru

What: To take the up leaf composting

Why: To receive rid off tonnes of dry leaf waste

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