IIITM-K develops app for coffee growers

Tuesday 25th of April 2017

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April 25, 2017

Indian Institute of�Information Technology�and Management-Kerala�(IIITM-K) has launched a software named Kaapi Soil Health Management and Monitoring (Kshemam) app to offer soil nutrient information and fertiliser recommendation for coffee plantation owners. The app might help in proper identification of optimum numbers of fertiliser use. Farmers by entering information like geographic coordinates or their administrative divisions can look at the soil property, nutrient status and fertiliser tips for their land. On top of that, the spatial variation of individual nutrients is also thematically visualised by making usage of this app. By making use of this app, the farmers can generate fertiliser recommendation, nutrient advisory and soil health card in English, Kannada, Tamil or Malayalam.

National Bureau of Soil and Land Use Planning along the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) has already done GPS enabled soil sampling and nutrient analysis in Karnataka,�Kerala�and Tamil Nadu to offer correct information in to the coffee growers. In India, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu include the leading producers of coffee.

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