India and Bangladesh sign 22 agreements

Sunday 9th of April 2017

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April 8, 2017


India and Bangladesh have signed 22 agreements in various fields such as defence, nuclear cooperation, judicial sector, earth sciences, navigation, peaceful uses of outer space, to boost bilateral cooperation.

These agreements were signed in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina in New Delhi after delegation level talks.

India also announced concessional Line of Credit (LoC) of $4.5 billion to Bangladesh for projects in priority sectors. Moreover, India also gave LoC of $500 million to Bangladesh for defence purchases.

Some of the agreements signed are

  • MoU on Defence Cooperation Framework

  • MoU on Bilateral Judicial Sector Cooperation

  • MoU for extending Defence LOC of $500 million.

  • MoU on Cooperation in the Field of Mass Media.

  • MoU on Cooperation in the area of Cyber Security.

  • MoU concerning Cooperation on Aids to Navigation.

  • MoU on Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

  • MoU for Extending a 3rd Line of Credit (LoC) by GoI to GoB.

  • Agreement on Cooperation in Peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy.

  • MoU on Co-operation in the field of Information Technology and Electronics.

  • MoU on establishing Border Haats across the border between India and Bangladesh.

  • Agreement for the Regulation of Motor Vehicle Passenger Traffic (Khulna-Kolkata route).

  • Inter-Agency Agreement on Cooperation regarding Nuclear Power Plant Projects in Bangladesh

  • MoU on Mutual Scientific Cooperation in the field of Earth Sciences for Research and Development.

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