Modi and Sirisena have released Simhastha Declaration at Ujjain

Monday 16th of May 2016

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“We belong to a tradition where even a bhikshuk (beggar) says, 'may good happen to the person who gives me and also to the person who does not',” Modi said in his address at the International Convention on Universal Message of Simhasth on the sidelines of the Simhasth Kumbh.

Releasing the ‘Simhastha Declaration’ in Ninora village in Ujjain, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the capacity of Kumbh organisers. “Can we not tell the world about our organizing capacity with an event like the Kumbh,”asked Mr. Modi. “Look at our polls, its a wonder for the world...a nation so big & many voters. And see how EC organises elections,” he added, speaking at the valedictory session of the Mahakumbh.

Declarations are:

Simhastha Declaration has 51 sacred points for betterment of mankind that will start new discourse not only in India but around the world.

It is also a prescription on how a duty-centred system that had been the origin of Indian philosophy of life is relevant in today’s India.

Saints and seers, subject experts and scholars from the country and abroad also discussed on various issues in the sessions of ‘Vichar Mahakumbh’.

Sessions on sustainable development, sanitation and climate change, peace, values of life, agriculture and cottage industry were also organised.

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