New 15-year vision to replace Nehruvian 5-Year Plan from 2017

Sunday 15th of May 2016

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has decided to get rid of the Nehruvian five-year plans, and replace them with 15-year vision documents.

The current 12th Five-Year Plan will be terminated in the current financial year, 2016-17.

The first 15-year vision document will start from 2017-18, along with a seven-year National Development Agenda which will lay down the schemes, programmes and strategies to achieve the long-term vision.


  • The first 15-year vision document will come into effect from 2017-18 after the end of the 12th Five year plan.

  • It will be formulated with central objective of eradication poverty.

  • It will come along with a seven-year National Development Agenda which will lay down the programmes schemes, and strategies to achieve the long-term vision

  • The long vision document (perspective plan) will comprise of three-year macroeconomic framework.

  • The framework will predict growth indicators that will be synced with the 14th Finance Commission recommendations.

  • It will also be coterminous with the UNDP’s 2030 sustainable development goals to which India is committed to meet broader social objectives.

  • The 15-year vision document will also include defence and internal security. They were not been a part of five-year plans. The NITI Aayog will also create a dashboard for monitoring, evaluation and review of the implementation of vision document.


2017-18 to 2032-33Vision Document
2017-18 to 2024-25National Development Agenda
2017-18 to 2019-20Review of Development Agenda(to be repeated after every three years)

Plan-wise GDP growth rates

 PlanActual growth
1951-561st 5-year plan3.6
1956-612nd 5-year plan4.2
1961-663rd 5-year plan2.8
1969-744th 5-year plan3.3
1974-795th 5-year plan4.7
1980-856th 5-year plan5.7
1985-907th 5-year plan5.8
1992-978th 5-year plan6.5
1997-029th 5-year plan5.5
2002-0710th 5-year plan7.8
2007-1211th 5-year plan7.9
2012-201712th 5-year planScenario1-8 (Strong groth)
Scenario2-6 (Partial reform)
Scenario3-5 (Policy logjam)

From 1966 to 69, there was no five-year plan but annual plans. Similarily, from 1979 to 80 and 1990 to 1992, there were no five-year plans.

1951-56 means April1.1951, to March31.1956, and likewise ^In percentage

Source: Planning Commission of India

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