Prime Minister inaugurates International Basava Convention

Saturday 29th of April 2017

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April 29, 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled translated volumes of Vachana in 23 Indian languages about the occasion of Basava Jayanti.�The 23 Vachana volumes were edited by late M M Kalburgi as well as have been translated into other languages by much more than 200 people. Prime Minister also released digital version belonging to the work. The first ever celebration of Basava Jayanti at the national level in New Delhi.

The translated volumes of Vachana was commissioned with the Basava Samithi at a cost of 2.5 crore rupees which the Karnataka government has contributed 1 crore rupees. The celebrations also coincide with golden jubilee of Basava Samiti that is created by former Vice President B D Jatti 1964 to spread in Basavannas message.

Vachana is definitely a prosaic form a whole lot popular in your Kannada literature. It propagates values of universal brotherhood. It's penned by Basavanna and various other saints. The 12th-century social reformer Basavanna used this style of conntacting spread social awareness and bring equality in your 12th-century society.


Basavanna�was a 12th-century philosopher,�statesman,�Kannada�poet and a�social reformer�who lived in Karnataka during the reign belonging to the Kalachuri-dynasty king Bijjala I. He served when the chief minister of his kingdom.

Basavanna rejected gender or social discrimination, superstitions and rituals. During his tenure as Chief Minister, he introduced many new public institutions like Anubhava Mantapa�(“hall of spiritual experience”) that are going to facilitate each gender from all socio-economic backgrounds to possess a healthy and open discuss on various spiritual and mundane questions of life. A 13th-century sacred Telugu text, the�Basava purana�by�Palkuriki Somanatha supplies a full account of Basava’s life and ideas.

In 2003, former President of India�Abdul Kalam�inaugurated Basaveshwar’s statue in the�Parliament of India. In 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi�inaugurated the statue of Basaveshwara along the belonging to the river�Thames�in London.

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