Shahid Afridi's daughter's death is a hoax

Tuesday 26th of April 2016

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Yes it's right, Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi's younger daughter is not dead. It's a silly fake news. The news of death became viral on social media on Monday, and then trending on facebook and google.

There is no confirmation yet on the news of the death of his daughter from the cricket fraternity, that implies the story is fake.

As per a report in Cricket Country, Facebook pages had also posted picture of a child wrapped in white cloth with red rose petals on her body, which was not Afridi’s daughter.

People had a reason to believe the news as after Afridi resigned as captain of national T20 side, news surfaced on the illness of his younger daughter.

Afridi has been in news since the start of the ICC World T20 for all the wrong reasons. And Pakistan's poor show in the tournament added to his woes.

Interestingly, Afridi decided to stay away from the ongoing Pakistan Cricket Cup 2016, which is a five-match ODI tournament based on the draft system and includes teams from the country’s four provinces.

It is learnt that Afridi chose to not participate in this tournament because of his trip to the Haj.

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