Simple and Mixed Fractions

Friday 1st of January 2016

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Fractions Those numbers which can be expressed as in the forn of pq where q0, are known as fractions, where p is known as numaerator of fraction and q is known as denominator of fraction.
Mixed Fractions Those fractions which consists a whole number and proper fraction, are known as mixed fractions. e.g., 314  is a mixed fraction.


1. bc+ec=b+ec
2. bc+ef=b×f+e×cc×f
3. ab÷cd=ab×dc
4. a×bcd=a×b+a×cd
5. abc+dec=(a+d)+b+ec
6. abc+def=(a+d)+b×f+c×ec×f
7. abc=a×cb
8. ab÷bc÷ce=ab×cb×ed

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