Surds and Indices

Friday 1st of January 2016

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Surds, any root of rational number which cannot be easily calculated is known as Surd.

Rules of Surds

1. ann=a
2. anm=amn
3. abn=an×bn
4. anm=amn
5. abn=anbn
6. a×b×c=abc
Indices, Let a be a real number amd m is a positive integer, then a×a×a..... m times= am. This is read as 'a raise to power m'. Here,a is known as base and m is known as index.

Rules of Indices

1. am×an=am+n
2. am÷an=am-n
3. (am)n=amn
4. abm=am×bm
5. abm=ambm
6. a0=1

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