UAE's first solar-powered gas station opens in Dubai

Thursday 27th of April 2017

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The Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) on 26 April 2017 opened United Arab Emirates'first solar-powered gas station.

The ENOC states how the country's first solar-powered gas station signifies country's increased center on maintaining the very best standards of sustainability and clean energy.

The station goes using the great strides maded by the Emirate of Dubai to turn itself towards a hub for alternative energy contained in the Dubai 2020 Vision. The Vision plans make emirate the smartest plus the most sustainable during the world.

Key highlights

• The service station depends on Dubai's main Sheikh Zayed Road thoroughfare.

• It is covered with solar panel products that could generate close to 120 kilowatt hours.

• It generates about 30 percent more energy as opposed to station needs. The power is directed back into your city's electric grid.

• The revolutionary development fits in the pioneering initiatives launched by ENOC nationwide in the last period in alignment while using government plans to.

• The support station is planned to minimize CO2 emissions by 195 million metric tonnes annually.

• It'll likewise wield many energy consumption reduction techniques.

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