Anatomy and Physiology of Skeletal System MCQ Question with Answer

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Question No : 1
The total number of bones in the human body is


Question No : 2
The bone placed horizontally at the upper and anterior part of the thorax above the first rib in man is

hyoid bone

Question No : 3
Tympanic bulla is the auditory capsule in the skull of

frog and other animals
rabbit and other mammals
fishes and aquatic animals

Question No : 4
In rabbit, broad, wing-like transverse processes are characteristic of

atlas vertebra
axis vertebra
caudal vertebra
none of these

Question No : 5
Bones of children contain large quantities of organic matter and little of


Question No : 6
The incisor teeth and canine are attached to

the premaxilla bone
maxilla bone
incisors to the premaxilla to maxilla
incisors to the premaxilla and maxilla and canines to maxilla

Question No : 7
Sella turcica is

covering of ovary
covering of testis
depression in the skull
part of temporal bone

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