Atomic Structure MCQ Question with Answer

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Question No : 15
The velocity of a photon is

dependent on its wavelength
dependent on its source
equal to cube of its amplitude
independent of its wavelength

Question No : 16
The number of unpaired electrons in fluorine atoms is/are


Question No : 17
Among the following ions, which are has the highest paramagnetism?


Question No : 18
In the case of atomic spectrum of hydrogen which series of lines lie in the visible region?

None of these

Question No : 19
When the electron is excited from K level to M level we get

γ- rays
cathode rays
continuous spectra
absorption spectra

Question No : 20
Isotopes have different

arrangement of electrons
no. of P and e'
no. of neutrons
no. of electrons

Question No : 21
Davisson and Germer gave an experimental evidence for

wave nature of electron
particle nature of electron
particle nature of light
wave nature of light