Auto CAD 2D MCQ Question with Answer

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Question No : 15
Which of the following is not a keyboard shortcut of AutoCAD?

Ctrl + P
Alt + F4
Ctrl + F4
Alt + B

Question No : 16
Why do we have 16,7 M colors in RGB

Because so one can distinguish man
since this is the limit of graphics cards
For each color we have 256 shades and colors combination third
Because we want compatibility between PC and Macintosh

Question No : 17
What setting gradient allows us to fill an open area?


Question No : 18
What are the various options from left to right and the opposite direction?

Choose a different category of objects
select objects according to their color
Select objects according to their position
No difference

Question No : 19
What time (according to the clock) are 270 degrees according to the conventional time?

12 exactly
6 exactly
9 exactly

Question No : 20
Which is corresponded to zoom mouse wheel?

Zoom in / zoom out
pan & scan
extents / all

Question No : 21
What command allows us to select objects based on some status?