Certified Nursing Assistant MCQ Question with Answer

Certified Nursing Assistant MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 1
To prevent skin tears or shearing when moving the resident, the nurse aide should

wear gloves to reduce friction against the skin.
avoid pulling or sliding the resident when moved.
tell the resident to be careful and follow directions.
ask the resident to keep arms held over the residents head.

Question No : 2
A nurse aide is assigned to provide postmortem care for a resident, but has never done this procedure before. Which of the following is the most appropriate response by the nurse aide?

Ask another nurse aide to trade assignments.
Provide the care since the resident cannot be harmed.
Talk to other nurse aides about how to perform the procedure.
Discuss the nurse aide's lack of experience with the nurse.

Question No : 3
Which of the following is most important to closely observe when a resident wears elastic stockings, the type that are worn to help circulation?

The resident's shoe-fit
The resident's pulse rate
The way the resident walks
The color of the resident's toes

Question No : 4
A resident is restrained. What observation should the nurse aide report to the nurse immediately?

The resident states, I do not like this thing.
The residents position needs to be adjusted.
The resident has suddenly become very agitated.
The restraint was removed according to the care plan schedule.

Question No : 5
A resident likes to eat breakfast in the dining room with other residents. The resident is slow when getting dressed each morning so the residents friends are often leaving when the resident gets to the dining room. The nurse aide should

set out clothing that the resident can dress in more quickly.
dress the resident to make sure the resident gets to breakfast earlier.
ask if there is any help the resident would like in the morning.
remind the resident that the friends will also be at activities later.

Question No : 6
A resident usually responds verbally to the nurse aide's greetings, but this morning the resident seems to be having trouble waking up. The resident is not talking but is breathing and warm. The nurse aide's next action should be to

try to wake the resident again in a few more minutes.
speak louder to make sure the resident can hear.
wipe the resident's face with a cool washcloth.
call for the charge nurse immediately.

Question No : 7
A resident must have assistance to walk. When leaving the resident in the residents room, what must the nurse aide do before leaving the room?

Turn on the residents television.
Make sure the residents bedpan is within reach.
Place the call light where the resident can reach it.
Say to the resident, Remember that you need help to walk.