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Question No : 15
0.894 moles of NH3 is enclosed in a 5-litre container and heated to 620 K. If value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction 2NH3N2+3H2 is 0.0395 at 629 K then concentration of NH3 at equilibrium will be


Question No : 16
On mixing 1 mole of ethyl alcohol with 1 mole of acetic acid at 298 K the equilibrium concentration of ester and water becomes - moles each. If 23 moles of alcohol is mixed with 1 mole of acid, the concentration of ester in moles at equilibrium will be


Question No : 17
The chemical system in equilibrium is not affected by

change in the concentration of products
increase in the concentration of reac-tants
addition of a catalyst
changing the temperature

Question No : 18
 According to the following reactions, which oxide of nitrogen is the most stable at 298 K

2N2 O5g2H2g+5O2g          K=1.2×1070     
2N2 Og2N2g+O2g        K=3.5×1053
2NO2gN2g+2O2g        K=6.7×1016
2NOgN2g+O2g      K=1.2×1030

Question No : 19
 At 2000 K the reaction Cs+CO2g2COg is at equilibrium. If the molar concentration of both CO and CO2 at 2000 K at equilibrium is 8 moles lit-1 and 2 moles lit-1 respectively then equilibrium constant for the reaction will be


Question No : 20
For the reaction H2g+I2g2HI (g) at 721 K
value of equilibrium constant is 50, when molar concentration of both hydrogen and iodine is 0.5 M at equilibrium value of Kp under the same conditions will be

25 RT

Question No : 21
The reaction H2+I22HI is at equilibrium at 298 K 1 mole of N2gas is introduced in the reaction chamber at constant temperature and constant volume. At this:

state of equilibrium will remain unaffected
more of HI will be obtained
equilibrium constant will change
more of HI dissociate

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