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Question No : 8
A chemical reaction PQ is said to be in equilibrium when

Rate of conversion of P to Q is the same as that of Q to P
P and Q are present in equimolar ratio
P has completely changed to Q
35% of P is changed to Q

Question No : 9
Reaction between silver nitrate and sodium chloride goes to completion because

the reaction is instantaneous
silver nitrate is insoluble in water
silver chloride is sparingly soluble in water
solubility of silver nitrate increases with sodium chloride

Question No : 10
For the reaction 2HIH2+I2 at 720 K the equilibrium constant value is 50. The equilibrium constant for the reaction H2+I2at the same temperature will be


Question No : 11
At equilibrium the concentration of H2,I2 and HI in a reaction chamber kept at 773 K is H2= 0.42 mole liter-1,I2 = 0.042 mole liter-1;HI = 3.52 moles liter-1. The value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction H2+I22HI is


Question No : 12
If equilibrium constant for the reaction N2+3H22NH3 at 298K is 2.54, the value of equilibrium constant for the reaction will be d12N2+32H2NH3


Question No : 13
0.5 moles of H2 and 0.5 moles of I2 are introduced in the reaction chamber of capacity 10 litre at 271 K. H2 and I2 react to give HI and Kpis found to be 50. If total pressure in the reaction chamber is 5.9 atmosphere then partial pressure of hydrogen will be

0.325 atm
3.2 atm
4.6 atm
0.65 atm

Question No : 14
Which of the following is correct ?


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