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Question No : 15
When Performing a looping operation, the instruction gets stored in the ______ .

System stack
System Heap

Question No : 16
The clock rate of the processor can be improved by,

By using overclocking method
Improving the IC technology of the logic circuits
Reducing the amount of processing done in one step
All of the above

Question No : 17
The main advantage of multiple bus organisation over single bus is,

Increase in size of the registers
Reduction in the number of cycles for execution
Better Connectivity
None of these

Question No : 18
As of 2000, the reference system to find the performance of a system is _____ .

None of these
Ultra SPARC 10

Question No : 19
The ISA standard Buses are used to connect,

GPU and processor
RAM and processor
CD/DVD drives and Processor
Harddisk and Processor

Question No : 20
SPEC stands for,

Standard Performance Evaluation Code.
Standard Processing Enhancement Corporation.
System Processing Enhancing Code.
System Performance Evaluation Corporation.

Question No : 21
The ascending order or a data Hierarchy is

bytes - bit- field - record - file - database
bit - bytes - record - field - file - database
bytes -bit - record - field - file - database
bit - bytes - fields - record - file - database