Design of Steel Structures MCQ Question with Answer

Design of Steel Structures MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 22
In rolled steel beams, shear force is mostly resisted by

Web only
Flanges only
Web and flanges together
None of these

Question No : 23
Design of a riveted joint is based on the assumption:

Bending stress in rivets is accounted for
Riveted hole is assumed to be completely filled by the rivet
Stress in the plate in not uniform
Friction between plates is taken into account

Question No : 24
The maximum permissible slenderness ratio of a member carrying loads resulting from wind, is


Question No : 25
The connection of intermediate vertical stiffeners to the web, not subjected to external loads, shall be designed for a minimum shear force (kN/m) of

75 t²/h
125 t3/h²
125 t²/h
175 t²/h Where, t = the web thickness in mm and h = the outstand of stiffener in mm

Question No : 26
The basic wind speed is specified at a height 'h' above mean ground level in an open terrain. The value of 'h' is

10 m
20 m
25 m
50 m

Question No : 27
The diameter of base of conical flare of a steel stack is

Less than d
Equal to d
More than d
Any of the above Where d is the diameter of the cylindrical part

Question No : 28
In a fillet weld placed on the sides of the base, the metal experiences

All the above