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Question No : 15
Which one of the following taxes is not levied by the State Government?

Entertainment tax
Professional tax
None of the above.

Question No : 16
The first income tax act was introduced in the year


Question No : 17
The apex body of Income Tax Department. is

Finance Ministry of Central Govt.
Central Govt. of India.
Dept. of Revenue

Question No : 18
The Income Tax Act 1961 came into force on

13th Oct. 1961
1st April 1961
13th Sept 1961
13th Dec 1961

Question No : 19
The rates of income tax are specified in

Income Tax Act 1961
Income Tax Rule 1961
Finance Act
Circular of CBDT

Question No : 20
Income Tax Act 1922 is a "milestone" because

This Act introduced first the concept of aggregating incomes under different
It introduced the concept of "resident but not ordinarily resident"
This Act is still in force in India
Under this Act the administration was shifted completely from the provincial
Govt to the Central govt.

Question No : 21
The Income Tax Act, which is still in force in India, was enforced in

None of the above