1 Byte =?

A. 8 bits

B. 4 bits

C. 2 bits

D. 9 bits

You can do it
  1. Who invented Analytical engine?
  2. The microcomputer, Intel MCS-80 is based on the widely used Intel
  3. Which generation of computer is still under development
  4. Which of the following have the fastest access time?
  5. A memory that holds micro programs is
  6. Which part of the computer is used for calculating and comparing?
  7. Which of the following memory medium is not used as main memory system?
  8. UNIVAC is
  9. On a PC, how much memory is available to application software?
  10. Which of the following is a feature of fifth generation computers?
  11. Word length of a Personal Computer is
  12. The output quality of a printer is measured by
  13. Which computers are used as servers for any medium sized organizations?
  14. Who is the father of personal computer?
  15. Which is a device that changes information into digital form?
  16. Magnetic disks are the most popular medium for
  17. To locate a data item for storage is
  18. Which of the following devices can be sued to directly image printed text?
  19. Assembly language started to be used from
  20. A name or number used to identify storage location devices?
  21. A device that connects to a network without the use of cables is said to be-
  22. Pick the one that is used for logical operations or comparisons such as less than equal to or greater…
  23. Which is the highest form?
  24. The Second Generation Computer was based on ________.
  25. A hybrid computer
  26. Which of the following statement is valid?
  27. How many numbers could ENIAC store in its internal memory
  28. Which of the following is not a primary storage device?
  29. Microprocessors as switching devices are for which generation computers?
  30. Chief component of first generation computer was