/*1. Class C
2. public mustinherit sub abc()
3. msgbox("Base Class")
4. end sub
5. end Class /* The error is in line no.

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

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  1. /*1. Class C2. public notoverridable sub abc()3. msgbox("Base Class")4. end sub5. end Class /* The Error…
  2. DomainUpDown control is used only for strings and NumericUpDown for numbers.
  3. Default event handler of Splitter is
  4. _________ actually updates the values in a DataSet permanently
  5. dim arr(10) as string, the max index of the array is
  6. Only derived class can have shadows keyword
  7. To add controls at runtime use
  8. In reports ___________ property help to assign user-defined criteria
  9. A user wants that custom colors are visible when the Color Dialog Box is first Opened. What should he…
  10. In ListView the item that is currently selected is determined by
  11. The EventLog's ________ method is used to write an entry to a log file
  12. A TreeView can have multiple root nodes
  13. A DataSet can be updated only when the connection is open
  14. The correct sequence of Form Loading is
  15. A MsgBox can have maximum ___________ button(s)
  16. To uninstall a Windows Service ____________ is use
  17. In Class, Me.Show and MyClass.Show are same (Show is method name)
  18. Two commands can be written in the same line using
  19. Structured and Unstructured exceptions can't be mixed
  20. A form can have only ______ Main Menu and _________ Context Menu
  21. When a project is Built it creates a _______ and ________ file under Bin directory
  22. To view Panels of a StatusBar set _________ to true
  23. Finally is fired only when error occurs
  24. On error goto lbl is a
  25. The default event handler of TextBox is
  26. If nothing is selected in a combo box, its index value is
  27. A thread can be started only once
  28. FolderBrowserDialog displays
  29. Using OLEDB you can connect more than one table
  30. This property of TrackBar is not present