100% efficiency of a thermal cycle cannot be achieved because of

A. Frictional losses

B. It is not possible to achieve 0°K temperature

C. Leakage

D. Non availability of ideal substance

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  1. Which of the following varieties of coals is mostly used in steam boilers?
  2. Desecration of feed water is carried out because it reduces
  3. The capacity of induced draft fan compared to forced draft fan in a boiler is
  4. The pressure velocity compounded impulse turbine allows a bigger pressure drop and hence __________…
  5. The number of water level indicators in a boiler are generally _________ in number.
  6. The missing quantity per stroke is equal to
  7. An air preheater
  8. Gradually increasing temperature of flue gases at inlet to chimney for given steam outputs is an indication…
  9. The specific volume of steam with increase in pressure decreases
  10. The state of vapour under saturation condition is described by
  11. The velocity of steam leaving the nozzle (V) is given by (where K = Nozzle coefficient or nozzle efficiency,…
  12. The pressure of feed water has to be raised before its entry into the boiler. The pressure is raised…
  13. The number of drums in Benson steam generator is
  14. Feed water conditioning in thermal power plants in done to
  15. Lancashire boiler has __________ internal flue tubes.
  16. Water boils when its vapour pressure
  17. In a Woolf type compound engine, the high pressure and low pressure cylinders
  18. The critical pressure ratio (p₂/p₁) is given by
  19. The function of a crosshead is to guide motion of the _________ and to prevent it from bending.
  20. Stage efficiency is also known as
  21. Mechanical equivalent of heat for 1 kcal or Joule's equivalent is equal to
  22. The function of a valve rod is
  23. A fusible plug is fitted in small boilers in order to
  24. The performance of a boiler is measured by the
  25. In a Parson's turbine stage, blade velocity is 320 m/s at the mean radius and rotor blade exit angle…
  26. The maximum discharge through a chimney occurs when the height of chimney is
  27. Boiler parameters are expressed by
  28. The draught produced by a steam jet issuing from a nozzle placed in the ash-pit under the fire grate…
  29. The diameter of fire tube of Cornish boiler compared to its shell is
  30. In impulse turbines, when friction is neglected, the relative velocity of steam at outlet tip of the…