9.A student was given cell samples (A and B) to identify parts which are highlighted. He observed the samples under the microscope and list down the function of the part of cell sample. The information collected by the student is listed in the table below, on the basis of which the student infers that the samples contain the organelles.
Sample ASample B
Make energy available for cellular metabolismGenerates ATP and synthes izes s ugar
Absent in cell that carry oxygen throughout the bodyPresent in plant cell
Called the energy currency of cellSource o f all the food energy

Explain why the samples were belonged to eukaryotic cell and not prokaryotic cell? Because,

A. eukaryotic cell have membrane bound organelles.

B. eukaryotic cell have non - membrane bound organelles.

C. eukaryotic cell are smaller and multiply more rapidly than prokaryotic cells.

D. eukaryotic cell are larger and multiply more rapidly than prokaryotic cells.

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