A 15 mm drilling machine means that it can drill a hole

A. Of maximum diameter 15 mm

B. In 15 mm thick plates

C. Having cross-sectional area of 15 mm²

D. None of these

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  1. The grooving is an operation of
  2. In American Standard Association (A S A) system, if the tool nomenclature is 8-6-5-5-10-15-2 mm, then…
  3. Which of the following statement is wrong as regard to down milling?
  4. The operation of producing grooves around the periphery of a cylindrical or conical workpiece is called
  5. Larger than 15° side cutting edge angle
  6. A set of eight form relieved milling cutters for each module is provided to enable cutting of gears…
  7. A bottoming tap has
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  9. Which of the following statement is correct in regard to centreless grinding?
  10. Flank wear depends upon the
  11. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  12. In a single point tool, the angle between the surface of the flank immediately below the point and a…
  13. In an interchangeable assembly, shafts of size 25.000 -0.0100⁺⁰⁰⁴⁰…
  14. Tumbler gears in lathe are used to
  15. In order to achieve a specific surface finish in single point turning, the most important factor to…
  16. In Oxyacetylene gas welding, temperature at the inner cone of the flame is around
  17. Buffing wheels are made of
  18. In transverse grinding
  19. Match the following metal forming processes with their associated stresses in the work piece. Metal…
  20. Volume of a cube of side l and volume of a sphere of radius r are equal. Both the cube and the sphere…
  21. The tool life is said to be over if
  22. In oblique cutting system, the cutting edge of the tool
  23. The size of abrasive grain required in a grinding wheel depends upon the
  24. A single point thread cutting tool should ideally hav
  25. Chip breakers are used to
  26. The factor responsible for the formation of continuous chips with built up edge is
  27. The different spindle speeds on a lathe form
  28. The cutting force in up milling __________ per tooth movement of the cutter.
  29. Ultrasonic machining is best suited for
  30. In which of the following machine, the work rotates and the tool is stationary?