A boy sitting in a train moving with a uniform velocity drops a coin outside. A man standing outside the train will find the trajectory of the coin to be

A. a parabola

B. a horizontal straight line

C. a vertical straight line

D. a circle

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  1. A solar eclipse occurs when the earth, the sun and the moon are in a straight line, and
  2. The neutron, one of the constituent particles of which the nuclei of atoms are composed was discovered…
  3. Skating on ice is possible because
  4. A radio set that uses valves does not start operating immediately when it is switched on whereas a set…
  5. Velocity of sound in high altitudes is low because at such a height
  6. One finds it more difficult to walk on ice than on a concrete road because
  7. Increase in pressure
  8. A series of east moving still pictures can be made to appear as a moving picture because the eye
  9. Less dew is formed on cloudy nights because
  10. The completely dark portion of a shadow of an object is known as
  11. A hunter on the ground wishes to shoot a bird on a tree at a distance with his rifle. He has to point…
  12. In the fuse of an electrical installation blows out
  13. Tea pots are highly polished
  14. Nichrome is used in electric heaters and irons because
  15. The Solar System lies near the edge of a galaxy known as
  16. The shadow below a tree has bright spots in it because
  17. Sound travels fastest in
  18. The distance between two bodies is halved. Now the force of attraction between them will be
  19. The source of electric energy in an artificial satellite is
  20. In which of the following will a piece of iron weigh most?
  21. Light from the sun reaches the earth in
  22. Cosmic rays are
  23. Bats flying in the dark avoid obstacles because
  24. The coil of an electric heater is made of
  25. Body A is kept in contact with body B. Heat will flow from A to B if
  26. The study of astronomy include a
  27. Increase in pressure
  28. It is easier to climb down a staircase than climb up because in climbing down
  29. In the case of bodies falling under gravity which of the following remains constant at a given place?
  30. The speed at which light travels in vacuum is