A car parked in the sun with its windows closed gets terribly hot inside. This is due to

A. the heat emitted by the engine

B. the greenhouse effect

C. the good conducting power of the metal body

D. the double layered wind shield

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  1. We see the sun before it actually rises on the horizon. This is due to
  2. Enriched uranium means
  3. Water has maximum density at
  4. In a freezer ice cubes will be formed more quickly in trays made of
  5. The Milky Way is
  6. The star nearest to the sun is
  7. A person cups his hand around the mouth when shouting. Why?
  8. Photo-electric cells convert
  9. A permanent magnet may be demagnetised by
  10. The frequency of an ultrasonic wave is
  11. No current will flow between two charged bodies if they have the same
  12. When a body is immersed in a fluid the force of buoyancy of the fluid on the body depends on
  13. The orbit of Venus lies between those of
  14. The velocity of sound in air
  15. A man stands on the pan of a balance holding a fish in his right hand and bucket of water in his left…
  16. The cell that can be recharged, after it has run down, by passing a direct current through it from a…
  17. The transistor was invented by
  18. Mica is used in an electric iron because it is a
  19. When a body Is taken to the poles from the equator, Its weight becomes
  20. A stone floor feels cold to the bare feet but a carpet on the same floor feels warm. This is because
  21. Gamma radiations are used for
  22. The barometer was invented by
  23. When a swing la drawn to a side Its potential energy In relation to the earth
  24. The stars that shine brightly then dimly and then brightly are known as
  25. A capillary tube is partially dipped vertically in a vessel containing water. Due to capillarity water…
  26. The image of an object formed in a plane mirror
  27. For accurate scientific work, temperatures are often measured by
  28. The ozone layer absorbs
  29. Solids have definite shapes. This is because
  30. The earth's nearest neighbour in space is