A centrifugal compressor works on the principle of

A. Conversion of pressure energy into kinetic energy

B. Conversion of kinetic energy into pressure energy

C. Centripetal action

D. Generating pressure directly

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  1. The clearance volume of the air compressor is kept minimum because
  2. Choose the correct statement
  3. A large clearance volume in a reciprocating compressor results in
  4. The reason for volumetric efficiency of reciprocating compressor being less than 100 percent is
  5. It is not possible to use closed gas turbine cycle in aeronautical engines because
  6. The intercooler pressure, for minimum work required, for a two stage reciprocating air compressor, is…
  7. The ratio of the volume of free air delivery per stroke to the swept volume of the piston, is known…
  8. An ideal air compressor cycle without clearance on PV diagram can be represented by following processes
  9. When air is to be compressed at a high pressure, then it is advantageous to use
  10. The area of actual indicator diagram on an air compressor as compared to area of ideal indicator diagram…
  11. Euler's equation is applicable for
  12. In a centrifugal compressor, an increase in speed at a given pressure ratio causes
  13. The capacity of compressor will be highest when its intake temperature is
  14. In a jet propulsion unit, the products of combustion after passing through the gas turbine are discharged…
  15. For an irreversible gas turbine cycle, the efficiency and work ratio both depend on
  16. The overall isothermal efficiency of compressor is defined as the ratio of
  17. The volumetric efficiency of compressor with increase in compression ratio will
  18. In a single acting reciprocating compressor, the suction, compression and delivery of air takes place…
  19. The pressure ratio in gas turbines is of the order of
  20. If the clearance ratio for a reciprocating air compressor is 'K', then its volumetric efficiency is…
  21. The compressed air may be used
  22. Gas turbines for power generation are normally used
  23. The air entry velocity m a rocket as compared to aircraft is
  24. A closed cycle gas turbine gives ________ efficiency as compared to an open cycle gas turbine.
  25. Maximum delivery pressure is a rotary air compressor is of the order of
  26. The thrust on the rotor in a centrifugal compressor is produced by
  27. Ratio of indicated H.P. and brake H.P. is known as
  28. Inter cooling in compressors
  29. During base load operation, the best method of controlling compressor is
  30. Cylinder clearance in a compressor should be