A child goes on vomiting profusely and develops symptoms of diarrhoea. Chances are that in the child's blood serum there is a drop In

A. calcium

B. iron

C. sodium

D. phosphorus

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  1. The workers in the honey bee colony are
  2. Insects that make a clicking sound are
  3. When the earth was formed it had an atmosphere with
  4. Food substances are substances by
  5. The olfactory area is concerned with
  6. Formation of blood
  7. If a father has blood group A and the mother has blood group 0, which one of the blood groups may be…
  8. Blood is
  9. One of the following is often called the master gland. Which one is it?
  10. Fledgling is a term often used to denote the young one of a
  11. Hypogeal germination is found in
  12. Which one of the following is caused by the expression of a recessive gene present on sex chromosome?
  13. Blood is
  14. In a gamete there will be
  15. The 'mad-cow disease' (Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease) is produced by certain
  16. Tetrodotoxin is a potent poison that
  17. Colour vision is made possible by the cells in the retina called
  18. The most accepted theory of the origin of earth is the fiery origin which was propounded by
  19. What is 'atavism'?
  20. In phototropism, auxins
  21. The theory that all animals and plants are made up of cells and they could arise only from pre-existing…
  22. Which among, the following is a solid lubricant?
  23. The age of a tree can be determined by
  24. Which of the following diseases is not caused by a virus?
  25. The disease in which blood clotting does not take place is known as
  26. The scientist who discovered the blood groups is
  27. A person with a blood group ____ is considered to be an universal donor.
  28. The larva of the housefly is called
  29. Rate of mutation can be increased in plants by
  30. Saffron is the dried ________ of the saffron plant.