A circuit whose parameters change with voltage or current.

A. Non-linear circuit

B. Linear circuit

C. Complex circuit

D. Passive circuit

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  1. What is the resonant frequency of a circuit when L of 25 microhenrys and C of 10 picofarads are in parallel?
  2. It is impossible to change the voltage across a capacitor instantlya as this would produce ___ current.
  3. Which of the following is also known as antiresonant circuit?
  4. Two capacitors of capacitance 9 F and 18 F in series will have a total capacitance of
  5. A capacitive load always has a ______ power facto
  6. The ratio between the active power and the apparent power of a load in an ac circuit is called
  7. Which of the following materials has the lowest dielectric strength?
  8. If three 9 mH inductors are connected in parallel without mutual inductance then the total i nductance…
  9. The impedance in the study of electronics is represented by resistan
  10. Another term of the quality factor of the resonant circuit.
  11. VL= VCin a series RLCcircuit when
  12. The result of rust in electrical (wire) connection is
  13. Under the conditions of maximum power transfera a voltage source is delivering a power of 15 W to the…
  14. The graph between an alternating quantity and time is called
  15. A real current source has
  16. The area of capacitor plates increases two timesa then its capacitance
  17. In a circuita an active element is one which
  18. An open inductor has
  19. An ac series circuit is composed of a resistance of 20 a inductive reactance of 40 a and a capacitive…
  20. The charging of a capacitor through a resistance obeys
  21. If a coil has a Q of 10a it means that
  22. When two pure sine waves of the same frequency and the same amplitude which are exactly 180 outof-phase…
  23. When the net reactance in a series coil-capacitor circuit is zero at frequency fa the nature of its…
  24. Which of the following does not generally affect the value of a capacitor?
  25. What is the cross-sectional are of a conductor whose diameter is 0.001 inch?
  26. What is the total capacitance of 10 capacitorsa each of 20 F in series?
  27. The charge in the capacitor is stored at the
  28. What determines the direction of induced emf in a conductor or coil?
  29. Transient period is considered over after
  30. When two in-phase sine waves that have identical frequency and amplitude are added togethera then the…