A CNC vertical milling machine has to cut a straight slot of 10 mm width and 2mm depth by a cutter of 10 mm diameter between points (0,0) and (100,100) on the XY plane (dimensions in mm). The feed rate used for milling is 50 mm/min, milling time for the slot (in seconds) is

A. 120

B. 170

C. 180

D. 240

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  1. Fixtures are used
  2. The size of a lathe is specified by the
  3. Which one among the following welding processes uses nonconsumable electrode?
  4. Side rake angle of a single point cutting tool is the angle
  5. The cutting speed for drilling aluminium, brass and bronze with carbon steel drills is _________ cutting…
  6. Negative rakes are used for
  7. The operation of making a cone-shaped enlargement of the end of a hole is known as
  8. In ECM, the material removal is due to
  9. Tool signature consists of __________ elements.
  10. Which of the following statement is correct as regard to up milling?
  11. The broaching operation in which either the work or the tool moves across the other, is known as
  12. A bottoming tap has
  13. The factor responsible for the formation of continuous chips with built up edge is
  14. The angle between the lathe centres is
  15. A mandrel is used to hold
  16. The example of snag grinding is
  17. The angle between the face and flank of the single point cutting tool is known as
  18. The cutting speed for drilling copper with high speed steel drills varies from
  19. When the temperature of a solid metal increases,
  20. When the shear angle is small
  21. Cold working of steel is defined as working
  22. In a single point tool, the angle between the surface of the flank immediately below the point and a…
  23. Which of the following is the correct data structure for solid models?
  24. Which of the following process is used for preparing parts having large curved surfaces and thin sections?
  25. The method of grinding used to produce a straight or tapered surface on a workpiece, is
  26. The broaching operation in which the work moves past the stationary tool is called
  27. A hole is of dimension φ = 9 ₊0⁺⁰⁰¹⁵ mm. The corresponding…
  28. Side relief angle of a single point tool is the angle
  29. The material which on machining produces chips with built up edge is
  30. Trepanning is an operation of