A common boundary between two systems is called

A. Interdiction

B. Interface

C. Surface

D. None of the above

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  1. Which of the following is a part of the Central Processing Unit?
  2. 174. When was the X window system born?
  3. Who invented vacuum tubes?
  4. The translator program used in assembly language is called
  5. Serial access memories are useful in applications where
  6. Charles Babbage was awarded by Royal Society for his
  7. Who is the father of personal computer?
  8. The storage subsystem in a microcomputer consists mainly of or media with varying capacities
  9. Who designed the first electronics computer ENIAC?
  10. The advantage of COM are its __ and __
  11. Who is the inventor of ABC Computer?
  12. IBM 1401 is
  13. A pen shaped device which can sense light, and is used to point at spots on a video screen.
  14. UNIVAC is
  15. Which of the following is internal memory?
  16. Which of the following is related to fifth generation computers?
  17. A CPU contains
  18. The ________ data mining technique derives rules from real-world case examples.
  19. Time during which a job is processed by the computer is
  20. All of the following are examples of storage devices EXCEPT:
  21. Microprocessors as switching devices are for which generation computers?
  22. Which type of computers uses the 8-bit code called EBCDIC?
  23. Which electronic component was made out of semiconductor material?
  24. Which of the following is first generation of computer
  25. Which of the following is not purely output device?
  26. UNIVAC is
  27. An online backing storage system capable of storing larger quantities of data is
  28. Which device can understand difference between data & programs?
  29. Napier's Bones were invented in
  30. Bit map terminal