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  1. The axial flow compressor is preferred in aircraft gas turbines because of
  2. After-cooler is used to
  3. The ratio of work done per cycle to the swept volume in case of compressor is called
  4. The fuel consumption in gas turbines is accounted for by
  5. The efficiency of a jet engine is higher at
  6. Work ratio of a gas turbine plant is ratio of
  7. Actual compression curve is
  8. A compressor at high altitude will draw
  9. In a single acting reciprocating compressor, the suction, compression and delivery of air takes place…
  10. To avoid moisture troubles, the compressed air main line should
  11. In a centrifugal compressor, the ratio of the ________ to the blade velocity is called slip factor.
  12. The indicated work per unit mass of air delivered is
  13. Which of the following statement is correct?
  14. The pressure and temperature conditions of air at the suction of compressor are
  15. The net work input required for compressor with increase in clearance volume
  16. Volumetric efficiency is
  17. Which of the following statement is correct as regard to centrifugal compressors?
  18. The following property is most important for material used for gas turbine blade
  19. Which of the following plants is smallest and lightest for generating a given amount of power?
  20. In a single stage, single acting reciprocating air compressor, without clearance, the workdone on the…
  21. A centrifugal compressor works on the principle of
  22. Water gas is produced by
  23. The effective power of gas turbines is increased by adding the following in compressor
  24. In axial flow compressor, exit flow angle deviation from the blade angle is a function of
  25. The ratio of the indicated power to the shaft power or brake power of the motor or engine required to…
  26. Rotary compressor is best suited for
  27. In an axial flow compressor, the ratio of pressure in the rotor blades to the pressure rise in the compressor…
  28. The clearance volume of the air compressor is kept minimum because
  29. In jet engines the products of combustion after passing through the gas turbine are discharged into
  30. A rocket engine for the combustion of its fuel