A continuous beam is one which is

A. Fixed at both ends

B. Fixed at one end and free at the other end

C. Supported on more than two supports

D. Extending beyond the supports

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  1. The principal constituents of a fuel are
  2. The heating of a gas at constant pressure is governed by
  3. One kg of carbon monoxide requires __________ kg of oxygen to produce 11/7 kg of carbon dioxide gas.
  4. The general gas energy equation is (where Q1 - 2 = Heat supplied, dU = Change in internal energy, and…
  5. Which of the following cycles has maximum efficiency?
  6. The efficiency of Ericsson cycle is __________ Carnot cycle.
  7. In a uniform bar, supported at one end in position, the maximum stress under self weight of bar shall…
  8. Diesel cycle consists of following four processes
  9. Which of the following gas has a minimum molecular mass?
  10. If the radius of wire stretched by a load is doubled, then its Youngs modulus will be
  11. The stress at which extension of the material takes place more quickly as compared to the increase in…
  12. According to Kelvin-Planck's statement of second law of thermodynamics,
  13. Diamond riveted joint can be adopted in the case of following type of joint
  14. In open cycle gas turbine plants
  15. If the slenderness ratio for a column is 100, then it is said to be a _________ column.
  16. The following cycle is used for air craft refrigeration
  17. The distillation carried out in such a way that the liquid with the lowest boiling point is first evaporated…
  18. When wood is heated with a limited supply of air to a temperature not less than 280°C, the resulting…
  19. Which is the incorrect statement about Carnot cycle?
  20. Modulus of rigidity is defined as the ratio of
  21. The change in the unit volume of a material under tension with increase in its Poisson's ratio will
  22. The measurement of a thermodynamic property known as temperature is based on
  23. The neutral axis of a transverse section of a beam passes through the centre of gravity of the section…
  24. A process, in which the temperature of the working substance remains constant during its expansion or…
  25. The absolute zero pressure will be
  26. The absolute zero temperature is taken as
  27. When a body is subjected to biaxial stress i.e. direct stresses (σx) and (σy) in two mutually…
  28. When coal is first dried and then crushed to a fine powder by pulverising machine, the resulting fuel…
  29. The capacity of a strained body for doing work on the removal of the straining force, is called
  30. If the depth is kept constant for a beam of uniform strength, then its width will vary in proportional…