A debenture may be described as a

A. Share

B. Asset

C. Creditorship security

D. None of the above

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  1. The term "I.P.O." stands for
  2. The shareholder can also be defined as the
  3. A Finance Company in which a Demat account can be opened is known as ________.
  4. If a person purchases 13 shares from the secondary market, it is termed as ____________ purchase.
  5. Shares which have been transacted upon once are traded only in the Stock Exchange.
  6. Call money is payable on
  7. A collection of assets in which an investor invests is known as a ______.
  8. A private company must have minimum paid up capital of Rs. _____________.
  9. During Book Closure period, no transaction is recorded in which of the following?
  10. If a company returns the share transfer documents, to a buyer of its shares, without registration, for…
  11. I.P.O.s are traded in Secondary Market.
  12. An extra price paid to the broker while making transaction in Stock Exchange is called ______________.
  13. A dematerialized security requires a certificate.
  14. In Monthly Pension Bonds a fixed income is received after a predefined period.
  15. POSS stands for
  16. The authority which regulates the stock market is
  17. A public company must have minimum paid up capital of Rs. ____________.
  18. __________ has the authority to regulate the stock market.
  19. The stock markets remain closed on
  20. PPF stands for
  21. A preference share can be converted into debenture.
  22. I.P.O.s are traded in
  23. Earliest Closing Date of share issue must be at least _______ days after the date of opening of issue.
  24. Convertible debentures can be converted into ________________.
  25. The refund amount can be returned at the time of application of shares.
  26. NSDL stands for
  27. The block of assets in which a person invests is called ___________.
  28. A trading lot is fixed at _______ shares when the face value of each share is Rs.10.
  29. To acquire _______________ shares, shareholders have to pay an extra amount.
  30. N.A.V. stands for