A demand curve is not related to:

A. The price of the commodity

B. The time period

C. The price of substitutes

D. Any of the above

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  1. If a straight line supply curve passes through the point of origin O, the elasticity of supply is:
  2. For a commodity giving large consumers surplus, the demand will be:
  3. To calculate the elasticity of demand, which of the following formula is used?:
  4. 7.In an economy based on the price system the decision on what shall be produced is made by:
  5. If the marginal utility of apples to a consumer exceeds that of bananas then the consumer:
  6. Any straight line supply which cuts the x-axis will have:
  7. Under perfect competition, a firm will be in equilibrium if:
  8. In discriminating monopoly (price discrimination), the cost of production in two markets are:
  9. The main contribution of Prof. R.G.D.Allen is in the field of:
  10. In the real world, some competitive firms owns specialized resources that earn a return called:
  11. An increase in the supply of a commodity is caused by:
  12. The main contribution of David Ricardo is in the field of:
  13. Total fixed costs are:
  14. According to Cobb-Douglas, in production function the marginal product of labor is:
  15. Total utility and price are:
  16. A budget line shows:
  17. In the case of complements, the cross demand curve slopes:
  18. Elasticity of Substitution (s) is defined as:
  19. In Bertrand model, the entry of new firms is:
  20. The isoquant approach is:
  21. The indifference curve technique:
  22. Most of the supply curves with which the average consumer deals are:
  23. In case of perfect competition, TR curve rises at a:
  24. A typical demand curve cannot be:
  25. Normal profits are considered as:
  26. Total variable cost curve:
  27. In microeconomics, we study:
  28. Because of selling costs, the demand curve of a firm shifts:
  29. Along an isoquant, output remains same, and capital labor ratio:
  30. In Prisoners Dilemma, both the prisoners are interrogated: