A device used in a ship for the purpose of measuring the depth of the sea is

A. an altimeter

B. a fathometer

C. a hydrometer

D. a sonometer

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  1. The orbit of Venus lies between those of
  2. In a vacuum the following three articles are dropped at the same time and from the lame height. Which…
  3. Solids have definite shapes. This is because
  4. Isotones are species of atoms containing
  5. Enriched uranium means
  6. For an electron orbiting in a hydrogen atom, the necessary centripetal force keeping it in orbit is…
  7. Velocity of sound in high altitudes is low because at such a height
  8. A photon is
  9. Hot water is poured simultaneously in four metallic tumblers painted outside with different paints.…
  10. In a hydraulic pressure
  11. In very cold countries alcohol is used as a thermometric liquid because
  12. The difference between planets and stars is
  13. When a body is projected upwards
  14. Chronometer la an instrument to measure
  15. A device used in a ship for the purpose of measuring the depth of the sea is
  16. The numerical reading of the Fahrenheit thermometer of a given temperature
  17. The hydraulic jack to lift heavy vehicles in automobile service stations is one of the applications…
  18. The property of a fluid by which it resists relative motion within itself is known as
  19. The solar wind is composed of
  20. The world's first artificial satellite Sputnik I was launched by Russia in
  21. In the fuse of an electrical installation blows out
  22. The enormous energy released in nuclear and thermonuclear reactions is due to conversion of
  23. A radio set that uses valves does not start operating immediately when it is switched on whereas a set…
  24. The attraction between similar molecules is called
  25. Which of the following pairs is not correct?
  26. If you want a sound proof room, the walls should be
  27. The audible range of a normal human ear is frequencies ranging from
  28. Lightning conductors are made of
  29. The cover of a solar cooker is made of glass because
  30. When a whistling engine approaches a person standing on the platform, the frequency or the note