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  1. A rip saw
  2. According to Indian standards, the total numbers of tolerance grades are
  3. A zinc diffusion process is called
  4. According to Indian standard specifications, 100 H6/g 5 means that.
  5. In arc welding, the temperature of heat produced by the electric arc is of the order of
  6. A ring gauge is used to
  7. In a four high rolling mill, the diameter of backing up rolls is ________ the diameter of working rolls.
  8. The adhesiveness is the property of sand due to which
  9. The cold chisels are made from
  10. A hacksaw blade cuts on the
  11. The temperature of oxy-hydrogen flame is _________ oxyacetylene flame.
  12. A basic shaft is one whose
  13. The electron beam welding can be carried out in
  14. The cold working of metals is carried out
  15. The blank diameter used in thread rolling will be
  16. The shrinkage allowance for cast iron pattern is
  17. The operation of producing cup shaped parts from flat sheet metal blanks by bending and plastic flow…
  18. In average work, the tolerance produced by investment casting method is
  19. The electrode tip diameter (d) in spot welding should be equal to (where t = Thickness of plate to be…
  20. Which of the following welding process uses non-consumable electrodes?
  21. A sand employed on the faces of the pattern before moulding, is called
  22. Green sand is a mixture of
  23. In order to check the clearance between two mating surfaces, a ________ gauge should be used.
  24. When a pattern is made in three parts, the top part, is known as a
  25. The instrument used to measure external and internal diameter of shafts, thickness of parts and depth…
  26. In a gas welding of mild steel using an oxyacetylene flame, the total amount of acetylene consumed is…
  27. A file removes the metal during
  28. Lap joints are employed on plates having thickness
  29. For welding plates of thickness less than 5 mm, its edges
  30. The acetylene cylinder is usually painted with