A dynamometer is a device used for the measurement of

A. Chip thickness ratio

B. Forces during metal cutting

C. Wear of the cutting tool

D. Deflection of the cutting tool

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  1. In electro-discharge machining, dielectric is used to
  2. The abrasive recommended for grinding materials of high tensile strength is
  3. Soft materials can not be economically ground due to
  4. If the diameter of the hole is subject to considerable variation, then for locating in jigs and fixtures,…
  5. The helix angle of a drill is __________ for drilling brass.
  6. Chip breakers are used to
  7. In which of the following machine, the work is usually rotated while the drill is fed into work?
  8. Threading is an operation of
  9. Crater wear is predominant in
  10. In metal machining, the zone where the maximum heat is generated due to the plastic deformation of metal,…
  11. The abrasive recommended for grinding materials of low tensile strength is
  12. Crack in grinding wheel is developed due to
  13. If the tearing efficiency of a riveted joint is 50%, then ratio of rivet hole diameter to the pitch…
  14. The cutting fluid mostly used for machining alloy steels is
  15. In centreless grinding, work place centre will be
  16. In machining metals, chips break due to __________ of work material.
  17. The relation between tool life (T) and cutting speed (V) is VTn = Constant. In this relation, the value…
  18. The rear teeth of a broach
  19. A hole is of dimension φ = 9 ₊0⁺⁰⁰¹⁵ mm. The corresponding…
  20. A process of removing metal by pushing or pulling a cutting tool is called
  21. In machining metals, surface roughness is due to
  22. What is the type of joining process called, where the parts to be welded are kept in contact and rotated…
  23. A solid cylinder of diameter 100 mm and height 50 mm is forged between two frictionless flat dies to…
  24. In drilling Bakelite and fibrous plastics, the point angle of a drill is
  25. The stroke of a shaping machine is 250 mm. It makes 30 double strokes per minute. The overall average…
  26. An expendable pattern is used in
  27. Negative rakes are used for
  28. In determining the various forces on the chip, Merchant assumed that the
  29. In metal cutting, use of low feeds and high cutting speeds is desired when the objective is
  30. A feed gear box for a screw cutting lathe is designed on the basis of