A fire tube boiler is limited to a maximum steam pressure of about __________ kg/cm2.

A. 6

B. 18

C. 38

D. 52

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  1. The dew point of moist air becomes __________ with decrease in its relative humidity.
  2. Minimum thermal efficiency of a steam boiler may be around __________ percent
  3. Silicon percentage in acid resistant cast iron is about
  4. Which of the following gases cause global warming?
  5. __________ is the process of coating the surface of steel with aluminium oxide, thereby imparting it…
  6. Dry saturated steam can be converted into superheated steam by
  7. Larger length & diameter water pipes are made by
  8. A steam pipe is intended to be insulated with two layers of insulating materials of different thermal…
  9. In a counter flow heat exchanger, hot fluid enters at 170°C & leaves at 150°C, while the cold…
  10. Which of the following is preferred for riveting?
  11. Fire in fuel gas pipelines is extinguished most effectively by
  12. Brass parts with high residual tensile stress at the surface are susceptible to season cracking (i.e.…
  13. A dense structure of grinding wheel is not used for the
  14. Resistance of an electrical conductor is proportional to its (where, l = length and A = cross-sectional…
  15. Cobalt - 60 is used as a source of __________ in medical therapy & industrial radiography.
  16. Out of the following the refractive index is the highest for
  17. Volumetric composition of flue gas analysed with the Orsat apparatus is : CO2 = 12%, O2 = 8%, CO = nil,…
  18. The leaching solvent used in Baeyer's process for the purification of bauxite is
  19. Most of the phosphorous present in the blast furnace burden enters into
  20. In chemical dehumidification process
  21. Powder metallurgy process does not make metal powder by
  22. Normalising does not __________ of a metal.
  23. __________ pipe is the most suitable for carrying sanitary drainage.
  24. Good design of the casing of a centrifugal pump aims at minimising the
  25. Alloying elements present in Haynes stellite, which has superior performance than high speed steel,…
  26. Routing in production, planning & control is concerned with the
  27. Powder metallurgy technique is used in the production of __________ tools.
  28. Compressed dry air is used as the cutting fluid, while machining
  29. While the bin cards are used in the effective stores management, the queuing theory is associated with…
  30. The effect of friction on the flow of steam through a nozzle is to decrease the __________ of steam.