Each of the following sentences is followed by four words or group of words. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word or group of words.

A five-year-old boy was_____ from his school on Monday last by his servant for a ransom of Rs 8, 000.

A. driven

B. arrested

C. escorted

D. kidnapped

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  1. Shanku was born_____ a silver spoon in his mouth and was very proud of his wealth.
  2. My India by Corbett deals ______ the authors familiarity with and love of India.
  3. His attitude to his boss was so_____ that it caused a good deal of repulsion.
  4. I. The area under our eyes in connected to our kidneys, so any .......... change in the dark circles…
  5. The tunnel was so ___________ and congested, that we became ___________.
  6. It is time to ________ ongoing programmes and ______ new horizons.
  7. The first round of the contest had the students ___________ themselves and ___________ about their hobbies.
  8. In India is __________ on protecting its resources, international business appears equally __________…
  9. To ___time, please go___ foot and not by bus.
  10. The house that the actress lives in is beautiful, but the surroundings are ________ unpleasant.
  11. The unprecedented rise in the price of gold in India, contrary to the___elsewhere in the world, is baffling…
  12. Unpredictable __________ of the child could not lead the consultants to any ___________.
  13. The carriage foundered in a snowdrift and it took two hours to_____ it.
  14. Real friends, genuinely wanting the best for the organisation, ___________ different garbs.
  15. The statue _________ a global symbol of freedom
  16. The Chairman will come here at 5 p.m. to_____ a lecture.
  17. The law prohibits a person from felling a sandalwood tree, even if it grows on ones own land, without…
  18. Science is a sort of news agency comparable ___________ to other news agencies.
  19. If strict security measures were taken, the tragedy might have been ________
  20. The stock markets ___________. The state they are in right now speaks volumes about this fact.
  21. The Romans were _________ science.
  22. In an effort to provide _________ for higher education to all, most of the universities have been providing…
  23. The battalion operating from the mountain was able to tie____ three enemy divisions.
  24. Precautions are to be taken with any one who seems ______.
  25. When you want to digitalise a city __________ with millions, you dont bet __________ the odds.
  26. The genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda, apart from being mis-described in the most sinister and _________…
  27. My friend and I decided to watch a play, however ______enjoyed it.
  28. The teacher _________ the concept by _________ practical examples.
  29. Their ____ to scale the mountain peak was an absolute failure.
  30. Political power is just as permanent as todays newspaper. Ten years down the line, ___________, who…