A friction circle is a circle drawn when a journal rotates in a bearing. Its radius depends upon the coefficient of friction and the

A. Magnitude of the forces on journal

B. Angular velocity of journal

C. Clearance between journal and bearing

D. Radius of journal

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  1. A kinematic chain is known as a mechanism when
  2. The cam and follower is an example of
  3. Which of the following is an open pair?
  4. The velocity of the rubbing surface __________ with the distance from the axis of the bearing.
  5. The maximum efficiency of a screw jack is
  6. In multi V-belt transmission, if one of the belt is broken, we have to change the
  7. Rectangular bar in a rectangular hole is the following type of pair
  8. In steady state forced vibrations, the amplitude of vibrations at resonance is __________ damping coefficient.
  9. Efficiency of a screw jack is given by
  10. The relation between the controlling force (Fc) and radius of rotation (r) for a stable spring controlled…
  11. When a shaking force is transmitted through the springs, damping becomes detrimental when the ratio…
  12. Which of the following is an inversion of Single slider crank chain?
  13. A shaft carrying three rotors will have
  14. A rotor which is balanced statically but not dynamically is supported on two bearings L apart and at…
  15. The C.G. of a link in any mechanism would experience
  16. The driving and driven shafts connected by a Hooke's joint will have equal speeds, if
  17. A flywheel is fitted to the crankshaft of an engine having W as the amount of indicated work per revolution…
  18. A pantograph is a mechanism with
  19. The primary unbalanced force is maximum _________ in one revolution of the crank.
  20. In elliptical trammels
  21. When two pulleys are connected by means of a cross belt drive, then both the pulleys will rotate in…
  22. The Bifilar suspension method is used to determine
  23. The D-slide valve is also known as
  24. Effort of a governor is the
  25. If D₁ and D₂ be the diameters of driver and driven pulleys, then belt speed is proportional…
  26. The following is the inversion of slider crank chain mechanism
  27. The included angle for the V-belt is usually
  28. Kinematic pairs are those which have
  29. The unbalanced force due to revolving masses
  30. Which of the following is a turning pair?