A function that is called automatically when an object is destroyed is known as

A. instantiation

B. function prototype

C. constructor

D. destructor

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  1. Inline function specifier reduces the overheads associated with a normal function call.
  2. A variable defined within a block is visible
  3. iostream is inheried from istream, ostream and ios class.
  4. new operator is used
  5. _______ argument(s) are passed in case of binary overloaded operators.
  6. cc ___________ option is used only to create object file
  7. An object is an allocated space in memory.
  8. What is the value of Friday in the following - enum days { Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday = -1, Thursday,…
  9. Data objects can be initialized when allocating memory using 'new'.
  10. The binding that binds a function call at run time is called
  11. A normal C++ operator that acts in a special way on newly defined data types is said to be
  12. The exception is processed using
  13. The declaration int **var1; shows that
  14. ios containes a pointer to streambuf.
  15. A pure virtual function is a virtual function that has
  16. In C++, identifiers have to be declared at the beginning of the blocks.
  17. One of the major disadvantage with late binding is
  18. Protected data members can be accessed
  19. If a friend function is declared inside a class it can access all data members of the class.
  20. this' is an implicit pointer.
  21. When you overload an arithmetic assignment operator, the result
  22. Which of the following are good reasons to use an object oriented language?
  23. The members of a class by default are private.
  24. The template function declaration specifies
  25. Element double Array[7] is which element of the array?
  26. The ?: can be used to replace
  27. Which of the following can legitimately be passed to a function?
  28. It is possible to allow non member function access to private members of a class by declaring it as
  29. A destructor can have arguments like constructor.
  30. Delete operator is used