A function to be called must be ended with a----------------

A. .

B. ?

C. ;

D. none of the above

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  1. Which one of the following is not a fundamental data type in C++
  2. An array declared as A[100][100] can hold a maximum of 100 elements.
  3. Which of the following is invalid?
  4. fprintf()function can be used to write into console.
  5. Which of the following is an example of compounded assignment statement?
  6. The output of the following code is: main() { int sub[50]; for(i=0; i<=48;i++) { sub[i]=i; printf("%d",…
  7. /* The C language./* is a procedural language .*/*/The above statement is valid.
  8. struct stud{int roll;char name[20];float marks;} *p;What will be the byte size of p?
  9. What will be output if you will compile and execute the following c code?#include int main(){ float…
  10. No commas or blanks are allowed within an integer or a real constant.
  11. C programs are converted into machine language with the help of
  12. The -------------------------- loop executes at least once.
  13. The main() function can be called from any other function.
  14. The same variable names of automatic type can be used in different functions without any conflict.
  15. strcat() function ----------------------- two strings.
  16. Only one break can be used in one loop.
  17. enum helps to create user defined datatype.
  18. fopen() function returns a pointer to the open file.
  19. Every if statement can be converted into an equivalent switch statement.
  20. static variable will not always have assigned value.
  21. Left shift operator rotates the bits on the left and places them to the right.
  22. The output of the following code is: int f(int a, int b); void main() {int a = 12, b=154; printf("%d",…
  23. Which one of the following is not a valid reserved keyword in C++
  24. C programming language was developed by
  25. The output of the following code is: void main() {int a = 1, b=2; int *ip; ip=&a; b=*ip; printf("%d",…
  26. What is the difference between overloaded functions and overridden functions?
  27. The-------------------- statement helps immediate exit from any part of the loop
  28. unsigned char has a range from 0 to ------------
  29. The output of the following code is: void main() {int a = 0; while (a<=50) for(;;) if(++a % 50==0)…
  30. printf("%d", sizeof('2')); will print 2.