A gas mixture of three components is brought in contact with a dispersion of an organic phase in water. The degree of freedom of the system is

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

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  1. On a P-V diagram of an ideal gas, suppose a reversible adiabatic line intersects a reversible isothermal…
  2. The most important application of distribution law is in
  3. The expression for entropy change given by, ΔS = - nR ln (P2/P1), holds good for
  4. Second law of thermodynamics is concerned with the
  5. Degree of freedom of a system consisting of a gaseous mixture of H2 and NH3 will be
  6. In a P-V diagram (for an ideal gas), an isothermal curve will coincide within adiabatic curve (through…
  7. Entropy is a/an
  8. In polytropic process (PVn = constant), if n = 1; it means a/an __________ process.
  9. Boyle's law for gases states that
  10. Fugacity and pressure are numerically not equal for the gases
  11. A solid metallic block weighing 5 kg has an initial temperature of 500°C. 40 kg of water initially…
  12. Which of the following has the minimum value of COP for a given refrigeration effect?
  13. Gibbs-Helmholtz equation is
  14. Keeping the pressure constant, to double the volume of a given mass of an ideal gas at 27°C, the…
  15. Which of the following is not an equation of state?
  16. Gibbs free energy of a pure fluid approaches __________ as the pressure tends to zero at constant temperature.
  17. Enthalpy of a gas depends upon its
  18. In vapour compression refrigeration system, if the evaporator temperature and the condenser temperatures…
  19. If different processes are used to bring about the same chemical reaction, the enthalpy change is same…
  20. In an irreversible process
  21. In the reaction, H2 +I2 2HI, addition of an inert gas will
  22. No work is done by the system, when a reaction occurs at constant
  23. Equilibrium constant of a reaction varies with the
  24. Trouton's ratio of __________ liquids is calculated using Kistyakowsky equation.
  25. The free energy change for a chemical reaction is given by (where, K = equilibrium constant)
  26. Which of the following behaves most closely like an ideal gas?
  27. In case of vapour compression refrigeration system, elevating the evaporator temperature (keeping the…
  28. Law of corresponding states says that
  29. During adiabatic expansion of gas
  30. The internal energy of an incompressible fluid depends upon its