A heat pump working on a reversed Carnot cycle has a C.O.P. of 5. It works as a refrigerator taking 1 kW of work input. The refrigerating effect will be

A. 1 kW

B. 2 kW

C. 3 kW

D. 4 kW

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  1. A bootstrap air cooling system has
  2. In a refrigeration system, heat absorbed in comparison to heat rejected is
  3. The higher temperature in vapour compression cycle occurs at
  4. It is desired to condition the outside air from 70% relative humidity and 45° C dry bulb temperature…
  5. The sensible heat factor during cooling and dehumidification process is given by (where h₁ =…
  6. Bell Coleman cycle is a
  7. A refrigerating system operating on reversed Brayton refrigeration cycle is used for maintaining 250…
  8. Ammonia absorption refrigeration cycle requires
  9. Which of the following statement is correct?
  10. A vapour absorption refrigerator uses __________ as a refrigerant.
  11. The human body feels comfortable when the heat stored in the body is
  12. In aqua ammonia absorption refrigeration system, incomplete rectification leads to accumulation of water…
  13. A good refrigerant should have
  14. Chaperon equation is applicable for registration at
  15. Superheating in a refrigeration cycle
  16. In a vapour compression refrigeration system, a throttle valve is used in place of an expander because
  17. A condenser of refrigeration system rejects heat at the rate of 120 kW, while its compressor consumes…
  18. Allowable pressure on high pressure side or ammonia absorption system is of the order of
  19. The condition of refrigerant after passing through the condenser in a vapour compression system is
  20. The bypass factor (B. P. F.) in case of sensible heating of air is (Where td₁ = Dry bulb temperature…
  21. In S.J. unit, one ton of refrigeration is equal to
  22. Aqua ammonia is used as refrigerant in the following type of refrigeration system
  23. In a refrigerating machine, heat rejected is _________ heat absorbed.
  24. The C.O.P. of a heat pump working on a reversed Carnot cycle is
  25. Moisture in Freon refrigeration system causes
  26. The relative coefficient of performance is equal to
  27. The specific humidity during humidification process
  28. Hydrogen is used in Electrolux refrigeration system so as to _________ the rate of evaporation of the…
  29. The pressure at the inlet of a refrigerant compressor is called
  30. The refrigerant used for absorption refrigerators working on heat from solar collectors is a mixture…