A jig is defined as a device which

A. Holds and locates a workpiece and guides and controls one or more cutting tools

B. Holds and locates a workpiece during an inspection or for a manufacturing operation

C. Is used to check the accuracy of workpiece

D. All of the above

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  1. In centre less grinders, the maximum angular adjustment of the regulating wheel is
  2. The cutting fluid mostly used for machining alloy steels is
  3. As the cutting speed increases, the tool cutting forces
  4. The relation between the tool life (T) in minutes and cutting speed (V) in m/min is (where n = An exponent,…
  5. Grinding wheels should be tested for balance
  6. In oblique cutting system, the cutting edge of the tool
  7. What is the type of welding defect caused due to shrinkage during solidification and by weld stresses…
  8. Which of the following process is used for preparing parts having large curved surfaces and thin sections?
  9. Down milling is also called
  10. In metal cutting operations, the shear angle is the angle made by the shear plane with the
  11. The method of centre less grinding used to produce taper is
  12. The angle between the lathe centres is
  13. The angle between the shear plane and __________ is called shear angle.
  14. The process of changing the shape of grinding wheel as it becomes worn due to breaking away of the abrasive…
  15. A type of welding flows, which is the result of a perfect proportion and mixture of acetylene and oxygen…
  16. When the shear angle is large
  17. The size of a shaper is given by
  18. A bottoming tap has
  19. In a plain milling machine, the table can be moved
  20. The top and sides of the table of a shaper usually have
  21. Twist drills are made of
  22. The tailstock set over required to turn a taper on the entire length of a workpiece having diameters…
  23. In transverse grinding
  24. The cutting speed of a drill depends upon the
  25. In which type of welding a gas shield, a consumable electrode is used and the welding can be done in…
  26. Climb milling is chosen while machining because
  27. In which of the following milling machine, the table can be tilted in a vertical plane by providing…
  28. A shaft has a dimension, φ9 +0.025⁺⁰⁰⁰⁹, the respective values…
  29. Soft materials can not be economically ground due to
  30. Which of the following statement is correct about nose radius?