A leaf spring in automobiles is used

A. To apply forces

B. To measure forces

C. To absorb shocks

D. To store strain energy

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  1. In a partial journal bearing, the angle of contact of the bearing with the journal is
  2. In order to ensure self locking in a screw jack, it is essential that helix angle is __________ friction…
  3. The strength of a riveted joint is equal to
  4. Coaxing is the procedure of increasing
  5. For a bevel gear having the pitch angle θ, the ratio of formative number of teeth (TE) to actual…
  6. In second type of levers,
  7. In most machine members, the damping capacity of the material should be
  8. The cracks in helical springs used in railway carriages usually start on the inner side of the coil…
  9. Rankine Gordon formula for buckling is valid for
  10. Screws used for power transmission should have
  11. Soderberg relation is based on __________ of the material whereas all other failure relation for dynamic…
  12. In the assembly of pulley, key and shaft
  13. The piston rod of a steam engine is usually connected to the crosshead by means of
  14. Which of the following pipe joints would be suitable for pipes carrying steam?
  15. The coefficient of friction in belt drive depends upon
  16. In testing a material for endurance strength, it is subjected to
  17. The resultant axial load on a bolt depends upon
  18. If a load W is applied instantaneously on a bar; Then the stress induced in bar will
  19. The plasticity is the property of a material which enables it to
  20. In case of thick cylinders, the tangential stress across the thickness of cylinder is
  21. Stress concentration is caused due to
  22. The steel pulleys are __________ in weight than cast iron pulleys of the same capacity.
  23. According to Indian standards, total numbers of fundamental deviations are
  24. A column of length l is fixed at both ends. The equivalent length of the column is
  25. A sliding bearing which can support steady loads without any relative motion between the journal and…
  26. Which of the following screw thread is adopted for power transmission in either direction?
  27. The initial tension (in newtons) in a bolt used for making a fluid tight joint like steam engine cover…
  28. The ultimate strength of steel in tension in comparison to shear is in the ratio of
  29. The face of the tooth is the
  30. The product of the diametral pitch and circular pitch is equal to